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When you have someone giving you insurance advice, you want them to work for YOU, not the insurance company to find the best rates for your situation.  Insurance brokers represent several companies and are able to shop for you to find the best coverage for your dollar.  I design plans that help control your coverage and your costs.  Many people find that they are able to reduce their life insurance costs when they talk to an insurance broker.  That can apply to independent contractors, self employed individuals, and small businesses.  
North Carolina and Other States
I'm licensed in North Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Texas and can provide life insurance to residents of those states.  Bookmark this site as I expand to additional markets.  Contact Us today and let me know where you are located if you want me to expand to your market next.
Life Insurance and Supplemental Health Insurance 
I specialize in life insurance in North Carolina (where I reside), Alabama, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Texas.  I provide insurance quotes so that people are able to get affordable life insurance at low rates so that they can protect their family.  Other types of insurance that are also available include disability insurance in the form of accident, critical illness, or cancer policies.



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